Bluey Orange by Jakliu


Peppery, peppy, and summery vibraphone pangs flutter all around the playfully fractured, glassy percussion, in this syncopated, fluttering, Calypso-inspired hit.

Jakliu is the alias under which the Dublin native Jack Lewins releases his articulate electronica. Self-taught, passionate, and very talented, his music is electronically produced and artfully crafted. The song we have at hand today is the single, Bluey Orange. Bluey Orange is Accessible, yet intelligent. Very inviting and open keyboard sounds play in syncopation with the dancy, groovy, liquid yet solid rhythms. With subtle clips of softly uttered words give this song a sense of character and relatability. A beautiful piece of work that would fit right in a comparison with masterminds like Caribou or Four Tet.

Do not underestimate Jakliu. He has a keen mind and a sharp sense of place with his music, carefully curating sounds that will surely paint the picture he has in mind, transporting us to a tropical beach with a mildly warm and inviting sun with the fewest of grand musical shifts or harmonic choices. Simple, effective, and brilliant.