EP Review: Forced Extrovert by Maddy Storm

Hayley Rawlings

A newborn pop artist came to town with some dope music. “Maddy Storm” in her new EP “Forced Extrovert” introduces us to her modern tunes. Maddy has created 6 songs that have different aesthetics and vibes. She is showing her emotional and intimate side of some real feelings, which directly appeal to the heart and thoughts of the listener.

The EP intro is a minute and a half of electronic instrumental pop calling it “Forced Extrovert” which has some mixed tunes in it that will get you a bit confused, but after the opening, it seamlessly transitions to the following song “Mattress” that dives you into her world with her soft voice. Many listeners paid close attention to the song, and the official video was beautifully created with her divine appearance. 

After “Mattress,” the third song “Spit Me Out” plays, giving you the impression that something from the first song connects the lyrics and music that ends a beautiful story.

She conveys a mood of control in “Backhanded” which has a different atmosphere then comes, “Last Resort” which has a devilish vibe that she can control in her voice that speaks of healing out of a toxic relationship,

Then the EP’s final song, “Natural Disaster,” highlights her masterful abilities, showing off a refuge of her mind as she thoroughly explores herself in this EP.


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