Break My Heart Again by Kristen Plati


Australian singer Kristen Plati wows us after releasing her new single “Break My Heart Again”, which made us dance and sing with her even if our hearts are broken.

Kristen developed her soulful pop sound, to touch the clouds along the lines of Adele and Tori Kelly. After debuting with “Find Me Lost” in 2019 when she wrote and co-wrote his tracks, she has since released “Boomerang” which turned into soundtracks for several Macy’s commercials, followed by “Stone” in 2020 and followed by “Wanna Be”. In 2021. To come in 2022 with the song “Break My Heart Again“.

To the rhythms of captivating pop music with a touch of playfulness, Plati tells us that it’s not a question of where this relationship takes us, but how we enjoy it. Her song conveys the experience of a second chance and letting someone break your heart again because you love being with them. Perhaps this is not a healthy situation, but if you have a strong attraction to someone, you will do all possible and impossible things and say with all your strength please Break My Heart Again.

Break My Heart Again” combines sentimental lyrics, hilarious guitar clicks that make the track fervently lively, and immersing you in the ’80s-inspired neon colors, lively rhythm, shimmering synthesizer, and powerful vocals that will pull you onto the dance floor.

If ‘repeat’ is the right word for this song, but it’s also what you want to do with it to hear it over and over again, ‘Break My Heart Again’ becomes your fierce and powerful song of the summer.