Moris Better: Loveless Confessions by J’Moris


Did you think the album “Blac February” released in 2020 was the great work of rapper J’Moris? I can now tell you that your belief is wrong. Heavy, intense, and political, “Blac February” really had its place, but on his latest album Moris Better: Loveless Confessions – released last March – he reached a new height of excellence.

Texan-born J’Moris created his style with a mix of realism, booty, and Southern grit. He worked so hard on his development that we noticed that he moved from the heavy and risky tracks in “Blac February”, creating 14 tracks in 46 minutes filled with his great sound and lyrics mixed with R&B, jazz, rap, and hip-hop from Supamario Beats.

The explosion of sensations made each track its flavor, we find different flavors of desire, sensuality, and tension, and J’Moris did not forget to put some hope in the mixture that permeates the organization of the work while preserving from beginning to end the simple and distinctive melodies.

The album begins with the track “Magic” in which J’Moris talks about trying to make the most out of bad situations to a magical beat of Trap & R&B that will make you fascinating, “Wanna Ball” co-produced with 254 Assassin and The Composer Four000 Units simply feels you. That you’re just a kid J’Moris wants to play with the ball with.

On the album, with “Too Spicy,” we take a nightclub vibe that would easily make anyone want to jump up and down. The track titled “Loveless Confessions”, talks about the nature of modern relationships, and the concept of getting close while moving away to an attractive musical rhythm.

Growing up in Fort Worth Texas throughout the ’90s, J’Moris was exposed to drugs, pimps, and thugs, yet turned his personal experiences into songs that vividly depict the challenges he faced so listen and enjoy.


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