CHASIN (Ft. TX Tooley) by Comics Kade


Music can be quite serious… but sometimes it can be the opposite of that, and then it becomes real fun!

‘CHASIN’ is the latest offering from the Midland, TX-based songwriter and self-proclaimed one-man-boyband Comics Kade. In his own words, a song to remind you of Y2K radio pop hits, think Ice Cube, Nelly Furtado, or things in that same vein.

What is it? CHASIN is in its essence a very hip little song, sporting a simple beat and a single instrument playing a sampled, watery chord progression. With Comics Kade mumbling on top in a lighthearted way. In its essence, a song not taking itself too seriously.

The words and melodies are simple, repetitive (but not in a bad way), and easy to digest. The production is fresh and functional. Featuring TX Tooley on the hottest Atlanta Rap break, with a hefty serving of heavy autotune… Yum!

Judging this song on its artistic merits will be totally missing the point. Without getting too philosophical over creativity and “Art” with the capital A, I can just say that music can be equally worthy of attention and deserving of respect when it’s this light and poppy as it would be if it was high-brow Jazz. This isn’t Jazz. It’s full of attitude… and it’s Hella fun.