The Edge by MJ Duke


Young talent Martin Birrane – MJ Duke has shone like a star in the music sky since his debut in London, specifically in 2020, after he released a series of singles and EPs, the first of which was on his record “On Time”, focused largely on displaying his artistic sensitivity and emphasized Musical review, the last of which is the track “The Edge”.

After a general hiatus, MJ Duke returns to let his music speak for him, providing us with exceptional vocal harmony, making us feel comfortable, belonging, and dealing with ourselves and others because his song “The Edge” carries a lot from this style.

“The Edge”, the new single by MJ Duke, has caught my eye and is sure to attract a lot of fans. Her style is very distinctive and with time since her release at the beginning of this month, the audience is increasing due to Birrane’s presence and attractive vocals.

This song relies on acoustic guitars and tones derived from hip-hop music, to present an optimistic piece of art, and absorbs the meanings of its words from the land of struggle, where confronting negative thinking, self-defense, transforming everything negative into positive, and building a human entity after extracting hope.

The song provides a light flow of good music, when you hit the track for the first time it will catch your eye. Duke’s unique tone, expressive and gritty, paired with quality brass and short vibrato creates a great dynamic.

When Duke released his song “The Edge”, Duke reminds us that his style is appreciable, and he assures us that he is lyrically expressive, so we can’t wait to release his album next July to our enjoyment of his artistic prowess.


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