Cliché by Alexa Perez


An energetic, colorful, up and coming artist with a joyful spirit. Alexa Perez, a pop musician who only started in 2021 and released only two singles, yet from the very first release ‘Wondering’, she scored over 10,000 streams. Alexa’s music is simple, delightful, and sensitive.

Her debut single was featured in blogs internationally like “We Write About Music, Roadie Mag, Indie Top 39 and Sinusodial Music. Listening to both singles, ‘wondering’ and ‘cliché’, you can tell how raw the emotions are, it’s as if she’s having a calm, kind conversation with herself. ‘cliché’ was produced by Tiger Darrow, who is the mastermind behind the live string feature after the bridge. The artist’s songwriting skills are influenced by Taylor Swift while combining it with electric synths that are inspired by artists like Lorde and Caroline Polachek. The song has profound emotions, which I think what gives edge to the artist, the melody is simple, the electronic sound effects and synths used aren’t complicated and even the beat is slow and chill, no complications, not many layers. Yet, it’s kind of unpredictable, you can’t tell where she’s going to go next. The lyrics is about losing someone you care for but not because it’s a painful relationship but because of profound differences in how they love each other differently which you can tell is a very personal thing that the artist personally went through.

We love how everything in her music is personal and comes from an authentic raw place, from the lyrics, music and even the cover of the album and how emotional and real it is. 


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