Clock by Montrell


“Clock” is the latest track by London/Leicester-based band “Montrell”, which they have worked on during the Lockdown. The single was recorded in the Cotswolds, engineered by Hugh Fielding (Flyte, Dagny)

with Huella producing. Later on, it got re-worked by mix engineer Dom Morley 

(Adele, Amy Winehouse), and then it was ultimately mastered by 

Simon Gibson at Abbey Road. 

The song begins in a very cheerful manner with bright vocals and clean guitars. Throughout its course, the song keeps these positive and hopeful overtones that stuck with me right from the first listen. The way lead singer Jonny Taylor sings the lyrics “ha for you, yeah/ Already figured me out” was so tender and heartfelt. This is a song that will speak to you and make you think of ex-lovers and old friendships that you miss. 

The strength of the emotional delivery in these lyrics is further complimented when the right moment comes and a fabulous guitar solo begins pushing all the right buttons. Following that comes a bombastic and loud last chorus, with which the song comes full circle. 

Montrell’s upbeat and dancy brand of indie rock will strike a familiar chord for the fans of Lord Huron, early Coldplay, and probably Arctic Monkeys too. The Atmospheric keyboards and backing vocals which shine through without overstaying their welcome remind me of many classic rock acts that used to do that in the 60s and 70s. After being praised by Sir Elton John and getting featured on his Apple Music Rocket Hour show last year, you might think these guys have already given us all they had or (as some like to say) peaked too soon. But think again, for this track will have you forgetting all about the “Clock” due to the number of times you’ll be replaying it.