Black Magic Spell by Kelly Phoenix

Antoine Breton

Kelly Phoenix is a singer-songwriter based in LA. He lived in Paris till he was 18 years old. His family background plays an important role in the construction of his musical inspirations; for instance, his father introduced him to R&B/Soul, Jazz, and Brazilian music, while his mother introduced him to pop music. He eventually moved to California and began his singing career in LA clubs. His gothic alt-pop new single “Black Magic Spell” is now available on Spotify.

According to Phoenix, the release of the track marks a significant milestone in the evolution of his career as an artist. It has a dark, gothic aesthetic, and I get the impression that this will be a recurring motif in the artist’s persona. In this tune, Phoenix provides a dark and twisted tale in which they depict a sensation of imprisonment from which one cannot easily escape. This mood is set against a background of catchy rhythmic and melodic electric guitar riffs and percussion.

One of the primary influences for this song is Michael Jackson’s “Blood on the Dance Floor,” and I can hear hints of Michael’s unique flair throughout the music, particularly in the vocals and arrangement. If the song’s title is any indication, you’ll be entranced into playing it on repeat.