Crampotte by Sambal


More amazing summer songs coming our way with Sambal’s latest release, an essential to add to your summer playlist. “Crampotte” is a track for the young and wild crowd but also for those millennials either to reminisce or enjoy the carefree life of summer while listening to this fun, chill track. The London-based artist, originally from France has a special style and identity that originated from a varied number of influences from his personal life experiences and adventures throughout the years. In his younger years, he was more focused on his native French music like the young French electro scene then later after moving to the UK and meeting artists from different backgrounds and different interests he started exploring music differently and moved to 70s jazz fusion and early 2000s experimental electronica. 

Sambal’s music is mostly influenced by the summer season and the ocean, “Crampotte” is no different, it brings in all the summer feels from the sun, the sea, the boats and yachts, the beach parties, to the summer nights, and the road trips. This song will make you want to experience it all, the summer events and adventures all wrapped up together. The track is part of an upcoming EP that is called “Abondance” which is expected to be released on Sensas as well throughout this summer. Everything was carefully thought of, from the music to even the artwork that was created by the artist’s friend Thomas Gauguery that represents all the varied influences that affected the artist till now and all the instruments combined, a celebration of diversity and embrace of contrast between the sweet nostalgic feels and the thrill of the wild adventures. 

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