Dionne Sturdy-Clow redefines the whole teenage singer-songwriter genre in this new track of hers called “No Way”. With elements from country pop and hard rock, honest emotional delivery, and gripping lyrics, there is no aspect to this track that falls flat or feels like a lazy job. This lady (accompanied by her session musicians) pours her heart out as she portrays the feeling of waking up and being fed up and done with too many aspects of your life. I’ve been overwhelmed before, and I know this feeling – probably everyone does, but to word it this strongly and roar its lyrics in a catchy song is what I found to be incredible here. While I love the song’s emotional delivery, I felt like I was longing for more at certain times. The hook of the song that repeats among the verses did not have a lot of variation in the 3 times it was repeated, while the verses themselves were beautiful and varied. There were parts when Dionne’s style of vocals felt like a 19th-century storytelling bard telling a story; it’s fast-spoken words but not like rapping or growling. I felt like the song is a good and vibrant crescendo but I was a little irked there was no guitar bridge or different section to break the repetitiveness a little, but then again, the overall vibe of the song was the emphasis on the angsty feeling it describes. Being only 20 years old and having played the guitar for six years, I would love to hear a full-length record from Dionne to see the full range of abilities she has, but for now, I know for sure she can tackle negative emotions and mental health issues that we overlook in our lives and that alone is beautiful and emotionally-provocative artistry.


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