Love In a Time Of Danger by Dvrk Romantics

Clash Creates

It creates a dark atmosphere in your head and fixes in your eyes images that flash in a cinematic way, that’s what you will get addicted to after hearing “Love In A Time Of Danger”, the first and dangerous song of the musical project duo Dvrk Romantics.

The year 2020 was born when successful musicians Rachel Di Biaso and Micky Waters paired up with “Love In A Time Of Danger” Rachel’s voice is powerful, clear, and empowering, while Micky plays the hero behind the instruments and the incredible beat-maker.

This song is synthesized from a distinct flavor of pop music but mainly based on bass with light bells in the background and a balanced rhythm of drums, while the electronic elements create a psychedelic magical atmosphere.

In “Love In A Time Of Danger”, I felt bubbles flying, bearing the moving words and influenced by Rachel’s voice, which conveys scenes of love and sacrifice.

A mixture of rock and pop motivates you with calm energy until you imagine that you are holding the guitar and moving your hand and singing too, because the song succeeded in infiltrating you and completely immersing you and controlling your movements, feelings, psyche, and thinking, it is highly contagious.

Micky Waters, Irish rock band bassist, and Rachel Di Biaso, singer-songwriter, managed to wow us with their masterpiece “Love In A Time Of Danger” which made us so smoothly addicted, that one of many made me anxiously awaiting their release by the end of September.