EP: Room service by Sabreen Islam

Fabressa Iqram

Emerging artist Sabreen Islam released an amazing indie folk EP on the 10th of March, in the name of ‘Room service’, a heartfelt and soft-spoken collection of personal experiences and emotions that will calm you down and take you on a nice and fluffy trip to emotional land. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Islam is a Bengali/ New Zealand singer and songwriter, who has a really new and fresh outtake on indie music mixing it with lots of elements from soft rock, making her music always surprising and very distinct from other indie folk artists out there. This ep already has three previous releases like victory, alongside three new ones. This Ep was also produced by songwriter, musician, and producer Sophie Bialostocki who worked closely with her father. 

This album is amazing with the soft rock, country girl sort of vibes. Nothing is better than a girl expressing her feelings and being completely genuine in her sound and voice, and that’s what makes this EP and Sabreen really special. This EP’s production is high in quality and very well put together.

 The overall sound of the album is upbeat and has that pop positivity, and the subtle rock elements give the songs some sort of edge and darkness. The soundscapes are mostly indie folk rock. The pace is slow to medium with a steady beat. The musical arrangement is simple yet effective. You will feel like the music is going into your heart with Sabreen’s angelic vocals. You’ve got a soft acoustic guitar, an ethereal sound bed in the back city, peaceful energy, soft drums, fast clapping sound effects that give lots of texture, and lots of tune humming. There are many electronic pop sound effects that make the songs have a fruity and fluffy splash of mellowness. Everything about this EP is amazing and it’s definitely a friendly and emotive energy that will make any of your days much better.