Fever Dreams by Segana


SEGANA’s stellar synth-pop releases return with ‘Fever Dreams’, a feverish, driving synth-pop banger with catchy hooks, stirring melodies, and terrific production. 

The Sydney-based duo is composed of producers Blair Djuna and JMap, both solo artists in their own rights. Their latest single, titled ‘Fever Dreams’, will be a must-add to anyone with a playlist for city-driving songs. The song is anthemic, with melancholic, descending progressions, and laser-sharp synth sounds. The beats are rock solid, and with a chorus that will be responsible for plenty of speeding tickets, the song rocks, and while it is doing so, it offers some provocative lyrical images too, that display the city as a horror house, with “monsters in the streets” and “jokers and killer queens”. The lyrics sound like a run for survival, which is definitely amplified by the song’s continuous motion and never ceasing dynamics. 

Segana’s return sounds timeless. With synths that were fresh in the 80s, somehow sounding just as fresh in 2023, I can say with confidence that what Segana has achieved is an accomplishment. In a music style that can quite easily fall upon ears as archaic, SEGANA’s approach is fresh and exhilarating, sounding just right.


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