Evan Isaac unveils the ethereal ‘Watch it in the Wind’


Emerging from New York City as a solo artist after spending years receiving acclaim as part of bands Crossing Boundaries and GoodKids, Evan Isaac has made music a core of his self-expression, processing his own emotions through a musical portrayal. Across his career, he’s supported Mac Miller, won the Tri-C High School Rock Off in Cleveland and worked with Grammy-award-winning producer J.J. Blair. Finding himself as a quiet inspiration to fans and peers as he grows and develops in his artistry, Evan Isaac breaks boundaries.

Evan Isaac‘s misty pop sparkle is put on full showcase in the new single ‘Watch it in the Wind’. Opening with slightly off-kilter tremolos, rich bass grooves and subtle hi-hats rhythms, Evan soon drops you into the dynamic yet atmospheric body of the track. The consistency of the bass movement and the deeply rhythmic nature of the kick and snare combination feed into a soundscape of unrestricted sparkling moments. The keys ring out, and the folky acoustic twinkles and cascading synth nuances all emerge into a luxuriant arrangement, providing a bed for love-drenched vocals, kept engaging by the hub of celestial activity found beneath them.

Evan shares, “There was a certain sense of longing that I had felt for many years. Once it dissipated I felt that I wanted to capture it in a song because there was something very beautiful about it.”

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