Samuel Evanson shares charming new single ‘Jade Green’


In 2016, Samuel Evanson posted a cover on Facebook, quickly making him an overnight internet sensation, and allowing him to perform live on BBC One to raise money for Children In Need. Going on to enter competitions and receive rewards for his efforts, 2019 saw Samuel make a move to Liverpool, switching lanes into the realm of television. Returning to music with new ideas, publication support and Spotify editorial features, Samuel Evanson’s forthcoming debut album is just coming over the horizon.

Samuel Evanson‘s final teaser ahead of his album has now arrived, gracing fans’ ears as the enamoured ‘Jade Green’. Between the twinkling electric guitar arpeggios, steady drum rhythms and constant guide of a warm bass line, Samuel’s performance is laced with passion and confidence, showing a clear emotional connection to his lyricism and bringing a sense of understanding to every word uttered. The sparkling indie soundscapes are steadily filled with more bright electric guitars and subtle electronic soundscapes, with each chorus coming back to ask audiences to dance once again. Glittery, gentle and bringing you right back into the moment, it’s a charming new tune.

Samuel explains, ”I wrote the record Jade Green earlier in the year to help me process the loss of one of my closest friends who was murdered by her ex partner at just 27. I was struggling to face the loss and hid myself away for a while but the track has helped me get closure on this tragic event. I later decided to release this track as the final single before my debut album ‘We Are Meant To Break The Rules’ is released in June. I want her name to be heard worldwide because she was such an incredible person and it may also help other people in similar situations. The UK Government has also introduced a law to protect the children of parents murdered by their partner as previously they still had a say in their children’s lives, this has been called ‘Jades Law’ and I wanted to show my support for this also.”

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