what’s it to you? by mase J


Mase J returns with one more of his heartfelt, well-crafted gems of effortless, contemporary hiphop that ooze with character and meaning.

Based in London, mase J is a singer and songwriter with a brand of soothing and laid-back indie hip hop. On his latest release, a single titled ‘what’s it to you’, mase J is ruminating over people coming back into his life. With a meaningful set of bars that mase J so easily lays down, the singer sets a comfortable, conversational mood with his relaxed flow and talk-like register. The song explores the halos that artists seem to incline towards building for themselves, and how difficult this makes it for other people to enter these halos, especially if the person inside the halo isn’t pure.

 Meaningful words and immersive singing are only half of the story because the backing music manages to make everything easier to get lost in. With a chill electric rhythm guitar that plays funk-inspired chord hits, the trap beats keep a minimal groove going where ad libs and spacey backing vocals fill up the empty gaps quite nicely.

‘what’s it to you’ is nice. Nice words, nice music, and just a nice delivery of all elements. ‘Nice’ might be a bit of a basic term, but brought down to its core meaning, it’s an adjective that would be considered big praise for a piece of art, and we mean it entirely in this vein… we are heavily praising this track.