Evil Ghosts by Sam and The Sea


Inspired by the sea, stars, and everything in between, Sam is an artist who goes by Sam and the Sea, a one-man band who started his musical journey when he fell in love with the guitar at first sight at a very young age, then developing that passion and extended his instrumental proficiency to drums, bass, piano, percussion, and vocals. The songwriter, record producer, and visual artist has a very rich educational background in music which makes his work exceptionally unique.  

‘Evil Ghosts’ was written back in 2015 and was never published because the recording setup was unusual, resulting in the guitar falling out of tune which the artist couldn’t replicate later, so it was left unpublished. Recently, the artist was able to pull it back out, recorded the vocal line, and added more parts to it which ended up reflecting the original vision the song surveyed.  The song starts with a sound effect of the sea and its waves, and a sound like a ship or a boat.  The vocals are gentle and soft, falling perfectly with the artist’s identity and the theme of the song. The guitar tunes are catchy, calm, and soft leaving you floating on the calm waves of the sea, taking in the fresh air and cool breeze. The percussion line is interesting yet simple, a sound like a Cahoon. The song ends with a sound effect of the sea as if you’re drifting away. The song was written and produced by Sam and the Sea and mastered by Luis Bonilla at High-Grade productions. The song’s context isn’t about something specific, yet about the bigger picture of how we can’t control what’s around us, and how our future is uncertain and unpredictable. It’s mostly about the stars, infinity, and endlessness.