Fake Gold by Micki XO

Lindsey Nicole George

With a passion for music and a dream to connect with other people, pop singer/songwriter Micki XO from Portland, United States, addresses mental health, self-love, and relationships topics that she experienced and got through with the power of music. Micki dreams of touring the world and helping people in their darkest hour like how music helped her in the past. That brings us to her latest release “Fake Gold” released on 21/10/22

“Fake Gold” addresses the constant battle between a person’s mental illness and trying to achieve a normal healthy life such as in the lines; “how did I end up in this place? Where my emotions take control?”, the name itself was inspired by acting normal on the outside while being drained on the inside by mental illness. Micki’s soulful voice backed by pulsing plucked and atmospheric synth gives a comforting feeling while assisting the listener to address the issue.