Sabotage by Jordan Jones


Jordan Jones’s latest single is a healthy package of fun dream pop with an introspective edge, an explosive hook, crystal clear production, and a stadium-worthy attitude.

Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, Jordan Jones is a singer/songwriter and a guitarist who is the sole party responsible for this song, titled Sabotage. Coming from a contemporary, pop star background, it’s easy to see the effect of this on his music; with Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Halsey named as top influences, the bombastic atmosphere falls neatly in place. 

Sabotage is about being unable to freely express yourself in a relationship, which ends up with both parties raising walls as defense mechanisms to avoid hurtful conflicts, and the song is a question about whether we will remain hidden behind these walls, or will we sabotage our relationship by finally deciding to speak our minds regardless of the consequences. The neat set of lyrics is sharp and makes you think and reconsider how you run your relationships, not just the romantic, but with your friend groups and even family members. The music on which the lyrics are set is accessible and easy, yet with a prominent larger-than-life attitude, specifically during the chorus and post-chorus sections, the latter introducing a gargantuan, airy synth that fills up the room. Jones’s vocals are gorgeously mixed in and the production as a whole is fresh and professional, with blood-pumping kicks, punchy snares, and sizzling vocal effects.

A deceptively smart and thought-provoking pop single from an undoubtedly talented singer/songwriter, with an amazing quality to the sound, the vision, and the lyrics, for an end product that’s sweet and easy to enjoy and to recommend.


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