Funk You by ndge


When you feel betrayed, you’d imagine throwing a grenade on those who hurt you to feel better, but ndge has a superior revenge approach, which is his uplifting single, “Funk You.” It’s the kind of song you’d send to someone who had mistreated you, right before blocking them.

ndge is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from the United Kingdom who combines Funk and Pop with electronic elements to create a groovy soundscape that carries a relatable sensation and makes you vibe along. 

“Funk You” is a valiant take that depicts what could be said while ending any kind of relationship on bad terms. It’s the angry letter you write, but never dare to send. ndge, on the other hand, is bold enough to do so; he wrote bold lyricism and chose a stylish execution to sound more carefree as if expressing oneself removed the burden and made everything lighter and brighter.

The single is driven by a poppy piano and a kicky bassline, which help the listener loosen up a bit. The quirky rhythm is structured to be catchy and daring, which fits the content well. ndge’s vocals make the hateful lyrics amusing. His voice dances with the instruments and conveys aversion and rage in a funky manner.

To make the experience whole, ndge shares his vision and talents with all of your senses. The colorfully glitched, artistic music video reflects the song’s character, and there’s such a good union between the sound and the visuals that it feels integrated.

All the elements of the track work together to create a vibrant atmosphere. And that’s only the artist’s debut single, so stay tuned to see how ndge can top his plucky start with his following releases.