Bazaar by Gerasimos Papadopoulos


The latest release from the band “Ferah” was composed for them by the great composer Gerasimos Papadopoulos who wanted to capture the wandering feeling of the protagonist of the Fairytale called “Zahrenia”. This part of the fairytale has the protagonist wandering in an oriental bazaar, and hence the track was named “Bazaar” and the song is indeed very oriental. The oud, which is beautifully played by Mr. Papadopoulos himself, signifies that this whole 2-minute track and the feeling associated with it are in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and pertaining to the eastern Mediterranean region in general. It’s amazing how a sound that’s made this well and this rich can transfer you to a specific location and its associated culture. Despite the short duration of the piece, I felt like I was strolling through an ethnic bazaar and shopping for local goods in Athens or Istanbul, because of how well the string instruments and the arrangement are put together. It’s all thanks to the undeniable efforts of Achilleas Tigas, on the ney, Stefanos Agiopoulos, with the oriental and ethnic percussions, and Thomas

Meleteas, with his contrabass. If I heard this track in the middle of a Spotify or YouTube mix I would never think it’s a modern piece of music and I would think it’s a classic piece with those Byzantine and Ottoman vibes. Last but not least, the fairytale from which the track is taken doesn’t have to be experienced completely for you to have the oriental bazaar feeling of this track, which makes it able to exist on its own as a soundtrack or standalone piece which serves its purpose more than well and delivers its promise magically.


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