Transparent by Galactic Fuzz


Back in 2019, Javier Guell (Guitar/Songwriting/Lead vocals/Keys) decided to take his passion for singing to the next level by teaming up with Jorge García (Bass) and Ricardo Mere (Drums) forming Galactic Fuzz. Galactic Fuzz mixes up the trio’s influences from grunge to alternative, punk, brit pop, and psychedelia into a unique sound that’s their very own. They are set to release their debut self-titled record on the 28th of October, 2022, and to spice things up, released its lead single “Transparent” on the 26th of August so, let’s see how it sounds!


“Transparent” opens with a fuzzy groovy riff that’s dipped in bright pop melodies with an unexpected layer of psychedelia summing its whole essence. It has an interesting guitar progression that flows smoothly with dynamic melodies keeping up with some pretty jazzy enjoyable drumming in an escalating structure that keeps you hooked throughout the whole song, especially when we reach the exploding solo point. 


“Transparent” is one hell of a debut single by Galactic Fuzz, it shows a lot of character and creativity fueled by an obvious will for experimentation, made me look forward to their future single and debut record for sure, cheers!


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