Hesitation by Gemïny


As we live in a world that feels dry and depressed without love, the entertainment industry relies on producing love-themed material. Yet, people love tragic love stories and star-crossed notions, such as Romeo and Juliet. Gemïny’s latest single depicts the beginning of this kind of unfortunate relationship, with its suitable title, “Hesitation.”

Personally, I don’t consider summer an all-time cherry season, so what can boost the mood is a cold drink to freeze the brain cells and groovy music to shake the body. “Hesitation” has this effect with its bouncy beats and snappy hybrid sound.

Gemïny, AKA Sage Wesley, is an Alt-Pop artist from Columbia with a fresh sound of Pop, Funk fusion, and R&B spicing. In his single, “Gemïny” he had the best of both worlds; a gloomy topic delivered in vibrant rhythm. TJ Routon’s mixing and Jeremy Chua’s mastering help the rising star create the atmosphere of a party for you wherever you are.

With Gemïny’s neat, ravishing storytelling, it was easy to picture the song in some scenes, such as seeing it playing while Joel and Clementine from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” are looking at each other for the first time. The lyrics capture the pushing and pulling, the attraction and the confusion, and the sparkly flair and dooming future realization.

Gemïny’s charismatic performance has a mix of the weekend and Michael Jackson, especially the resemblance of the jumpy kicks, which I enjoyed for their energy. His vocals are delicate, passionate, and dynamic, making you engage, dance, and feel elated.

Let’s make summer more fun and get the party started with “Hesitation” below.




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