Pain by Mary in the Mirror


Humans have complex emotions, and they’re not always positive ones. Nevertheless, many have the urge to feel something, anything, rather than not feeling it at all. Therefore, some people tend to engage in risky activities to experience an adrenaline rush some get into toxic, abusive relationships with their own well, and others hurt themselves to feel some pain-pleasure. In her latest single, “Pain,” Mary in the Mirror, captures the last type that leans into pain to feel alive.

Hypnotic, edgy, and yet upbeat; that’s what “Pain” is. The alternative artist, Mary in the Mirror, located in Bristol, has her own songwriting style, mesmerizing vocal timbre, and the boldness to reflect her personal life experiences in a bare, touching manner through her music, and that’s all demonstrated in this single.

A heavy, attention-grabbing intro opens “Pain.” It gives you the feeling that there’s some sort of mystery that’s about to be shared with you. Fast enough, Mary in the Mirror’s exquisite vocals breaks the messy thoughts created by the intro with their heavenly delicate tone and twisted, dark taste. Her layered vocals embody the lyrics and set the mood along with the rhythm.

The blend of Dark Pop, Electronic Pop, and Trap hints is atmospheric and delivers the song’s message and vibe. The melody is skillfully composed in layers and mashed with the vocals to emphasize each line and convey its sensations. It’s up to you to agree or disagree with what the song’s casting down on you, but here’s the artist’s perspective:

“I personally think that there is healing to be found in life’s most bizarre pleasures. If pain is inflicted upon us against our will, then it’s intolerable. And yet, by actively seeking it when our choice is involved, it can be quite a different experience.”

“Pain” below has both heavy and light, dark and bright sonic textures, and it doesn’t impose itself; it lures you gently and craftily till you become an addict to Mary in the Mirror music and have the sense and curiosity to see for yourself the pleasure of pain.


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