Real by Red Bird


The latest single from US-based band Red Bird is called “Real”, and is a social commentary on how everything around us feels fake and fabricated. The composition will remind you of modern funk-era Paramore and some funky Faith No More tracks, in which soulful vocals soar over a guitar chord progression. The simplicity of the progressions hits you with the right amount of emotions and a moody vibe that goes along with lyrics such as:

“I want your life and you want mine

We’re never satisfied in this game of time…”

The buildup to the solo/outro riff was a great climax moment, with the drum and bass lines being versatile and beautiful throughout the track. The vocals are some of the strongest and most grounded female vocals you will ever hear. Most of the singing is in the mezzo range and doesn’t get super low, but still manages to maintain the thick texture and air pressure in every note. The timing of the drums was more than perfect, you could really feel the drummer’s passion as if you were sitting in the same room as him. There were moments where the groove and speed of the song made it feel more like jazz or ska-punk, which serves to prove the range of influences a single track can showcase. The perfect way to end the song was with the lyric “I need something, something real…” over and over again, in the most wailing and haunting way you can think of. If you love Lenny Kravitz or the modern funk sound of Paramore, you will find many elements to love about this track. It will surely make any group of friends you play it amongst begin singing along and partying.


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