How Do I Delete You? by FOND OF RUDY


How Do I Delete You?” is the latest release by Indie-pop band Fond Of Rudy and it features a combination of electro-pop and pop-rock elements that will appeal to a different bunch of fans. 

The song has some clean guitars and some distorted ones playing a nice chord progression during the chorus. The swiftness of the change from verse to chorus will make you want to repeat the song to get those goosebumps over and over.

Another element I thoroughly enjoyed were the vocals and how they were processed to fit well with the electronic nature of the song. The lyrics being sung by those emotional vocals will leave their mark on you, as they are heartfelt and memorable and the arrangement allows them to fit with the song’s beat so well that it becomes anthemic…I could already imagine myself at a stadium concert singing along with these guys to this song.

At the end of the day, there are so many alternative and indie bands…but only a few, lime Fond Of Rudy stand out of the crowd. It’s hard and rare nowadays to make such a song and make it with enough accessibility, catchiness, and emotion all while keeping tight instrumentation that both grips the listeners/fans and respects the sound they love and admire. Give this song a listen if you were a fan of 2000s pop-rock anthems.





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