Total Perspective by Nactus Kunan


English band Nactus Kunan, based in Nottingham, UK, released a wavy indie pop tune called ‘’Total perspective’’, on the 14th of October. After a 2 year hiatus because of Corona, this is song is their first comeback. Nactus is a synth-heavy, bedroom pop band, consisting of three members, Jack Kwiecinski (vocals, synths), Joe Bone (piano, synths), and Antony Onorati (bass, synths).

They all went to school together in Beeston. They are influenced by 80’s sophist pop like The Style Council, Sade, and The Blue Nile. Some of its contemporary inspirations include Tame Impala and Artic Monkeys. The band is now obviously back to their specialty with a fresh mind and material.

Total perspective is a song about time spent in places or on things you don’t love. It’s about a person who is stuck in their office job and feels like their life is being wasted on things that they don’t enjoy. I mean, don’t we all sometimes feel like that? The idea is such a universal feeling, making the song really relatable.

The overall sound is really spacey and psychedelic in a sense but in an electronic, post-modern kind of way. The rhythm is medium paced, and the intensity and high energy of the chorus are what give the song the pop element, but minus the over-positive tone pop songs usually have. The tone is actually a little bit melancholic in a subtle way. It’s a really chill and emotionally loaded song.

The vocals are sung in a really artistic and cool way, there is something really inviting in Jack’s voice. The musical arrangement is rich, with a lot of drum, xylophone, orgue, and bass guitar sound effects. This song is made for people who want to listen to something intense but at the same time, enjoy a soundscape of chill, synthy beats.


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