I Believe in You by Maxx Effe


Last month, Maxx Effe, an Italian based DJ and producer dropped his latest release; ‘I believe in you’ an original mix.  You might not come across his name often, but he is currently the resident DJ at the CUE in Porto Cervo in Bologna. At the end of the 2000 he began to be part of the Omnia Tria Group (dance 90) collaborating in musical productions with Manuel Fast Fader and Michele Effe (Gold Lounge Record). He also collaborated with Italian artists in music production and has been performing in clubs in Italy since. Effe is not influenced by a main artist, he is just focused on the house music genre and deep house. 

The single has capturing electropop sounds, layers of synths and seductive beat drops, fit for the lovers of the classic house music beats. A variation of groovy sounds that’s impossible not to dance to, a male vocal line with a sweet and soft vibe and a breath-taking saxophone solo that is introduced in the other half of the song. The lyrics are sad, they’re about how his lover left him when he believed in her, he talks about the love and connection they shared and how he now needs to face the truth that she’s gone. 

The song is deep and layered, the more you listen the more you unlock the sounds and dive deeper in its layers. The perfect song to listen to on the beach while enjoying the summer breeze.

KMS Pico