I Wrote This Here by Jodye Basco


The rising star, Jodye Basco, from London, UK, is dropping more hits to mark his signature in the Hip-Hop realm. On July 10th, he released his single, “I Wrote This Here,” demonstrating his dope songwriting and atmospheric production.

“I Wrote This Here” is a 2:20-minute song in which I felt throughout that I was sitting with a close friend, listening to his life ambitions, fears, and hopes, and his resolutions, such as “I need some growth this year.” And the beauty of this conversation is that it feels relevant as I’m listening to what I’d say. In addition to making the experience real with the organic music video that makes you, as a listener, feel as if you’re sitting on the opposite couch and listening to Jodye Basco narrating his life with his sincere, explicit lyricism that can be reflected on yours.

It’s a Yin-Yang song, as it conveys some dark and vulnerable emotions through its lyrical theme and Basco’s raspy vocals, yet the overall delivery is soothing because of the relaxing ambiance with the tranquil piano notes, snappy beat, and minimalist, polished production, with all the elements being well placed and playing their parts to flow and mash together, giving the desired natural vibe. It also shows both the ups and downs in one’s life; certainty and uncertainty; and the contraries that make us humans in a nutshell.

If you’re a Hip-Hop fan who’s searching for new music that is different from what you’re hearing, honest, and real, then Jodye Basco is your guy.




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