I Don’t Know You Now by Tired Robot


Have you ever looked at someone and all you had in mind was, “I Don’t Know You Now”? Because the UK-based artist, Tired Robot, did. He characterized how this feels through a superb Synthwave sound in his latest single, “I Don’t Know You Now.”

The English musician, Rob Eisner, has been going by the manufacturer name Tired Robot since 2019, and he has started releasing his blended Alt Electro, Pop, and Rock sounds under that name since 2020.

Tired Robot’s eighth single, “I Don’t Know You Now,” is an absolute headbanger with its energetic electro stir and 80’s vibe. He’s a solo artist, but the solid production creates the atmosphere of a full band.

Lyrically, the single portrays the realization of not really knowing the person you’re dealing with and discovering that they’re not who they thought you were. As your partner puts you in the position of “Constantly questioning all I thought I knew.”

Giving the song’s subject, you can imagine a melancholy ambiance of solace, but Tired Robot had no room for bitty. He altered the dark feeling into a feel-good song by delivering it in a dynamic synth/retro wave. He has the capacity to make his vocals have both vitality and a hint of wistfulness. The instrumentation is built to make you engage, hype up and feel the message within in the most harmless way.


Tired Robot may have started recently, but Eisner himself has been making music since the age of eleven. This song has been recorded by him in his home studio (the garage), and it showcases how he’s a skilled musician with an outstanding voice and a lot to offer. “I Don’t Know You Now” is a totally recommended song that has such a vibe!


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