In my garden by BSP


Artist BSP from London, UK released a stunning album called ‘ In my garden’’, on the 19th of October. It’s a dream pop sensation made up of 9 songs, with a lot to take in from her debut album’s music and lyrics. The producer she worked with is Lee Oakley, who was able to understand her bucolic and nordic 80’s vibe and eclectic nature with the sound of the present, making a great balance with what’s old and new.

BSP love to intertwine art and music by making live sessions that include connecting a sound to an empty canvas and working her way through with paint, while also singing, giving the audience a rich visual and auditory experience. 

The concept of the album is all about the pieces of different phases, as you go through the beautiful garden of life because it is a mesmerizing journey no matter what happens. The idea is discovering the roots of having no self-acceptance and how hard it is to achieve it. BSP uses imagery and infectious metaphors that truly paint the picture of each emotional situation she’s going through starting with insecurity in the album, moving through broken promises, and then finally reaching a self-reflection moment.

The overall sound of the album is a very unique blend of melancholic music, in a very serene, picturesque way. There is something almost majestic in the music. The rhythms and beat are kind of slow and soft, with notable distant sounds that allow the music to feel ethereal, as if coming from far away, maybe somewhere in the sky. The lyrics are really honest and humble and the vocals of BSP are so calming, packaged with some sort of deep surrender. One thing I’ve noticed is that she often uses a whisper-like pitch that really sets a mysterious and sultry tone to the music, almost like a pretty black cat singing a tricky riddle in a fairytale story.

Most of the tracks have a mellow soundscape. The musical arrangements are pretty complex, with some instruments like heavy drums in the chorus and some distorted guitar sounds launching up the melodies.

The order of the songs guides you through the phases of self-acceptance. The song starts in a light tone and goes darker by the end, which is the perfect mood for self-reflection because it isn’t always pretty. Song names reveal the phases, like starting with why you lose, I don’t align and it’s only you, speaking of the pain of being chained with all the insecurity. The last song in the album is called mayday, which is simply what you do when you finally find the light, you call out for help! Gritty and dreamy, this album encourages you to look deep within yourself, without running away.



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