The River by God From the Machine


Having started as a side project for Joe Shanks and Sam Dyche to air their creative output, God From the Machine has evolved to become their main focus. With a rich repertoire that is only going to keep growing, the band’s sound has been compared to the softer side of 90s Britpop.

As a sucker for any music that can be described as soft in any way, the first seconds of The River managed to pique my interest and got me instantly curious. The Hampshire band’s latest single is a slight departure from the sound of their late 2021 debut album.

Starting with a shimmering guitar riff, a deep, boomy bass line, and a hard-hitting groove, the song’s lyrics delve into the topics of struggling with self-worth and having anxious uncertainty about the future and what it might hold, as well as a lack of confidence in the path one has chosen to walk, and they were birthed from a period of intense writer’s block. The sound has got Alternative Rock in its veins and the composition is a lush, emotional one. The singing is also heartfelt and melodic.

While it could have had more lyrical depth, the honesty and directness of the words manage to create an atmosphere of introspection that was beautifully amplified by the melancholic composition and the slow tempo.

The River is a stunning Alt Rock song that managed to hook me from the first bars, and keep me listening intently until the last second. God From the Machine has gained a new fan who’s going to be waiting for more.


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