Joy Ride by Wild Horse


The Wild Horse trio just dropped their latest and first single this year after the huge success of their latest album “When the Pool Is Occupied,” released last year. Originally from East Sussex, the band was formed by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and their childhood best mate Ed Barnes, together they’ve been playing music and jamming since their teenage years. Henry and Jack take turns on guitar, bass, and keyboards, with occasional harmonica additions by Henry, while Ed keeps it all together with his subtle and skilled drumming techniques. The band has performed at several venues and festivals in London and the Southeast. They have a varied taste in genres and are influenced by Rolling Stones, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Clash, Jackson, B52’S, Hendrix, Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Oasis, Bruno Mars, Chic, and Beatles; their colorful taste in music resulted in their eclectic styles between pop, soul, R&B, indie pop, and rock.  

The band has a special style and sound. As they put it, “Wild Horse sounds like what putting on a new suit and lighting a cigarette to go on a night out feels like.” They reminded me of the younger version of the Jonas Brothers. “Joy Ride” is a soft rock track with chill vibes and cool, electrifying guitar tunes. A funky, disco style with rock elements keeps it more subtle and vibrant. It already has 5K streams on Spotify, only less than a month from its release date. The band is already recording new tunes with The Animal Farm Music in London to be released this year, and we’re looking forward to their live performances.