Liquid Soul by Frank Vitolo


A mixture and a fusion of past and future are emerging in the present, A new single released by the Jazz artist and M.A holder Frank Vitolo titled ‘Liquid Soul’.

The New Yorker, originally a Seattle resident released a brand new funk track with exciting saxophone melodies that Frank is famous for.

The track begins with inspiration from The Matrix’s “Mirror Scene”  which gives a vibe of a futuristic, techno sound, but Edan Krolewicz’s calm and soothing vocals along with the keys and synths. 

Comes then the role of the awaited sound in this track, the melodic saxophone by Frank does it and presents the past classic sound and vibes it out on us to make a fusion with the melodic intro.

Frank Vitolo’s melodic keys which represent the future were introduced in the chorus along with the saxophone to create that fusion we are waiting for.

Edan’s vocals needed to have an epic psychedelic act to them to add that original funky vibe the track meant to deliver and have more sharpness to it.

Frank Vitolo’s Liquid Soul’ featured many artists in the project who were: Frank Vitolo – Tenor Saxophone & synth, Robert Papacica – Electric Guitar, Josh Farrell – Drums, Sawyer Adler – Electric Bass, Daniel Dale – Piano, Teddy Kingsbury – Piano, Olivia Hughart – Alto Saxophone, Calvin Sexton – Trombone, and Edan Krolewicz – Vocals.

More funky melodies to come from the -born with a sax in his mouth- artist, and he sure would use his wind instrument to speak his mouth.