Losing Myself (In You) by Lilac


Who said time machines don’t exist? A living proof that they do, is good music that throw you back in time where the music recreates the vibe you experienced earlier when you were younger.

Our time machine for today is Lilac’s latest single release ‘Losing Myself (in You)’ after releasing three singles previously.

Hailing from Reading, United Kingdom the female-fronted floral Indie band Lilac boosts floral Indie mixed with rock n roll, which implies an early 2000’s vibe to the listeners.

The track begins with a slow beat ride cymbal sound in adjacency with atmospheric synths in the background. At once the drummers begin to drum, and the guitarists begin to strum then the synths once again hit with playful, nostalgic chords.

Sooner Vanessa Carlton’s bastard daughter used her astonishing vocal chords and I just fell in love with her vocals on the spot.

Beth’s vocals drag you subconsciously into the song with her exceptional tone of voice that is almost a mixture in sound between Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carlton which serves a lot the band’s genre and casts a nostalgic theme.

One of the few things I didn’t really admire about the mastering is the telephone effect used for Beth’s vocals, which wasn’t good in sound, on the other hand, it felt like that she is telling him over the phone that ‘I think I’m losing myself’

Besides Beth’s remarkable vocals, Guitar riffs from her and Lewis also were so much expressive and simple in sound, along with the drumming from Olly who kept the track in shape all along the road.

The band is currently focused on the live music scene and would be holding a lot of gigs in the upcoming months, make sure you book a ticket and lose yourself in them.


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