Mirage by MUZ


His melodies feature a flute and backing along tracks with powerful bass and pulsating beats that create energies coming from the Appalachian Mountains in India. MUZ, in his latest track “Mirage”, assures us of his ingenuity in employing these elements to provide a distinctive voice.

 In a track like “Mirage” MUZ manages to make us listen to three different melodies, but combined them into an energetic and energetic rhythm, the bass with its varying variations and speeds has a melody, the stringed instruments have a melody, and the wind instrument “the flute” has another melody, and all this is interspersed with tones from piano flash keys.

 I always feel when listening to MUZ’s music that I am on one of the green mountain tops, the wind is hitting me from all directions, and with this track, I can dance psychedelically and powerfully, and the gentle sunshine is reflected in my eyes from time to time, this wonderful mix of melodies is suitable for dancing in Anywhere.

 You’ll find a high-end audio experience unlike anything else in “Mirage” because MUZ is an artist constantly evolving as a DJ and producer who insists on pursuing his dream. So you have to follow it and wait for all its new releases because you will like it.

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