WHAT U WANT by Lowkey718


A Jamaican-raised artist born in Brooklyn “Maleike” going with the name “Lowkey718” has been creating music since 2016 and has been on the road to success since then, and every release shows awesome progress. He released a new piece “WHAT U WANT” which was out to the world on the 21st of August, 2022 caught a lot of attention from his fans.

He has created this piece that smoothly goes in a flawlessly melodious beat, it starts with a low laid-back beat and fainted. Blasting in with his awesome rap style that has a Jamaican flow in his style, since he was raised in a musical household that got him inspired in music to mix his aesthetic self in his creations.

The music is talking about how complicated a relationship gets and Maleike then being honest with his feelings and what are his intentions without being lustful but doing what he loves. He is an inspiring person we can learn from.

He has the talent to innovate catchily and connect to the modern thoughts that we get to encounter in our everyday life, this piece “WHAT U WANT” is perfect to listen to during a ride with your homies to vibe.


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