New Kicks by Gully


Gully just released his 3rd single this year “New Kicks”, an upbeat alternative song with a fresh sound and an eclectic combination of instruments all layered together to create the perfect harmony and coherence. Each of these instruments has an individual identity and part without overshadowing the other, giving you an experience like no other. The UK-based artist started his journey by releasing his first debut EP “Student Blues” between 2019 and 2020, it was incredibly successful that the songs combined reached over 100K streams on Spotify only. A year later he released a new single “Carpe Diem” which reached over 10K streams. Gully kept his success streak with his latest 2 singles released earlier this year, “See the Sun” which reached over 10K streams, and “The View” with 4K streams on Spotify only.

“New Kicks” is no exception with its remarkable sound and romantic yet fun and hip lyrics in which he tries to embody how much he wants to dance with someone by saying he’s willing to sacrifice his “New Kicks”, and that’s how much he’s willing. The song came to life with the help of a group of talented artists and Gully’s undoubtful creativity. The song cover was photographed by Luke Shadrick, mixed by music producer and sound engineer Amy Sergeant, and mastered by RedRedPaw Mastering. He was joined by a group of artists and instrumentalists who will also be joining him on stage soon like Doug Wells on trumpet, Julian Kirk on bass, and Guy Hobley on saxophone. Keep a close eye on this one for he has no intention of slowing down soon.