Why Do You Lie by Jeremy Rice


After the attention his 2019 album “Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa” drew, Canadian artist Jeremy Rice returns with the first single off his upcoming album “The End of the Highway” that’ll be out October 2022. Rice released “Why Do You Lie” as the first taste off his upcoming record alongside a bright super cool video, that was edited and animated by Rice himself, and man, now I can’t wait for the album to drop!

Ok, I need to make this clear, Jeremy Rice’s “Why Do You Lie” will take over your ears and repeat button right from its very beginning. The vocal harmonies at the into – which were derived from the chorus – take us directly to the super entertaining verse, a groovy bluesy piece with catchy vocals and incredible bass and guitar work with the perfect tone. The chorus is an insanely catchy mash of harmonies with an eargasmic smooth melody that all started with an intense excellent organ build-up. The bluesy solo after the 2nd chorus celebrated the rocking roots of “Why Do You Lie” and Rice’s old-school influences and shook the song’s dynamics before getting into another singalong ride with the chorus that takes us softly to a smooth outro.


“Why Do You Lie” is a simple catchy tone with a killer hook that shows Jeremy Rice’s top-notch music writing skills, he succeeded in creating a colorful poppy tune with rocking roots and remarkable melodies that’ll stick inside your head and leave you humming “whyyyyy, whyyyy, whyyy whyyyyyyy….” for a long time after your first listen. Looking forward to “The End of the Highway” to see what Jeremy Rice has in store, cheers!



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