Oh mi da dey di by JEFF VIDOV


Jeff Vidov’s extensive, decades-long career precedes him as he infuses each of his songs with a colorful joyfulness that he has acquired from years in the choir, as a film composer, and as a baroque pianist.

 ‘Oh mi da dey di’, the title of Vidov’s latest single, is a musical trip that is guaranteed to put a wide smile on your face. Released as a part of his upcoming 2-CD album, ‘Oh mi da dey di’ is a puree of all things fun and cheerful that Jeff has learned during his musical years. A Canadian native with his studio located in Toronto, Jeff Vidov’s family-friendly pop is bustling, fulfilling, and fun.

 ‘Oh mi da dey di’ takes its title from vocal exercises Vidov teaches people in his choir, and the infectious quality of the choir sees its way to every element of the song. From the stomping groove and Jeff’s terrific vocal performance, all the way to the snappy piano and jangling horns section, ‘Oh mi da dey di’ is a wonderfully warm song. Fantastically produced too, the music is punchy and modern, and the sound is engineered to very high standards, making the energetic vibes exquisitely contagious.

 Jeff Vidof is a consummate professional. An expert fully in control and in his element with music as cheerful and busy as ‘Oh mi da dey di’, which allows him to tap into numerous years of experience and bring us something truly colorful and engaging.   


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