Album: Pisces Pie by ODELET


Odelet’s Pisces Pie is an exquisitely tasteful album of chill jazz songs that exude chill vibes and warm instrumentals. Gorgeously composed, the 11 graceful songs on Pisces Pie are each stunning displays of a talented musician who is taking full control of her craft.

 A musical mastermind, Odelet is a singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist who began performing her music while attending Portland State University for Visual Art and has since been involved in experimental and minimal music, a trip that has now culminated in the trippy and rich jazz that we now find on Pisces Pie.

 Deeply inspired by old-school hip hop, Odelet set out to craft Pisces Pie using little more than a drum machine and keyboard, resulting in intoxicating and smoky atmospheres populated by Odelet’s own, extremely soulful vocal deliveries that are silk smooth and caramel sweet. While remaining mainly in her speaking register throughout the songs, something which adds a lot of comfort to the sound of these songs, this does not inhibit Odelet from displaying stellar control and technical proficiency, from the challenging, exotic runs and vulnerable vibrato on ‘Ten Tons’, the cloudy harmonies on the following ‘Paired’, and the smooth glides on the penultimate ‘Eclectic’. A lush low end that makes all of Odelet’s performances run easy, and a terrific control that allows her to effortlessly twist and turn, creating intoxicating vocal passages on almost every single song.

 We can also not glide past the efficient instrumentals on Pisces Pie. Consistently roomy and jazzy beats with booming kicks and muffled snares work magic with the upright bass lines and warm, soft piano that softly arpeggiates and paints vivid images with exotic voicings that are equally dense and alien, yet inviting and serene. Odelet’s formula for Pisces Pie is beautiful, subtle, gentle, and immensely effective.

 There really is little more to say about Pisces Pie. This self-written and self-performed album showcases a multi-talented artist in full control, as previously mentioned. The 11 songs on the album are uniformly colored, providing a fulfilling and coherent listening experience, and an efficiently guided, low-frills tour into the artistic world of Odelet, an artist brimming with frills.



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