Paradigm by FRANCES HOPE


Frances Hope just released a new single titled “Paradigm”…a soft rock, indie ballad that has more life and soul than most of what I’ve heard this year.

The heart that has been put in “Paradigm” is mesmerizing.

The emotional vocals act as our guide through the upbeat rock ballad…and these vocal melodies, are perfect, especially the oohs and aahs…this could be one of the best oohs and aahs melodies I’ve heard in so long.

…guitars strumming away…with a very strong indie soul…

…drums moving the energy forward in a bit of an upbeat direction…

…and the song doesn’t start from a high point like it ends on…actually, it starts with a very mellow piano and vocals intro…and takes you bit by bit, introducing the drums and the beats…and goes from there to the highest points of the emotional spectrum, where the heartfelt vocal melodies guide us through this journey.

This musical group that managed to capture our hearts includes a singer-songwriter, a talented producer, a Grammy-winning drummer, and a producer…Frances joined forces with Ron Thaler (drums for “No One” by Alicia Keys” and the likes of Lana Del Rey, David Guetta, and more) and producer Neil James Cooke-Dallin to create an alt-rock anthem that was inspired by Florence the Machine, Lana Del Rey, and Birdy). 

…and let’s share the absolutely awesome credits that need to have light shed on them…

Vocals and lyrics by Frances Hope

Music and arrangement by Frances Hope, Neil James Cooke-Dallin

Drums, percussion, and Creative Consultation by Ron Thaler 

Guitar, bass production, and audio engineering by Neil James Cooke-Dallin

Additional Production by Ron Thaler 

Cello by Amy Houston 

Piano by Nate “Little Miami” Cummins

Additional keys by Ron Thaler

Mastered by Brock McFarlane

…the result is a mesmerizing indie rock anthem that will keep repeating in your head for hours, days…maybe weeks.

This is a highly recommended musical and emotional experience for any music lover.

Wishing all the best to Frances and the team, your pure art deserves to be heard everywhere.



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