People Make Time (For What They Want) by Yona Marie


Have you ever felt that you’ve been taken for granted? You’ve been ghosted and have no idea where you went wrong. Well, what you did wrong was let others treat you this way, but there is no time for regrets; you can rise stronger, and Yona Marie’s “People Make Time (For What They Want)” will guide you to do so.

Yona Marie is a singer, writer, and producer who blends genres like a pro and writes emotive, introspective lyricism. She aims to help people through her talents, as she uses her music to inspire people who have relevant experiences and uses her writing skills to help other artists via her blog.

“People make time (for what they want)” is an elixir that detoxifies any kind of relationship that one needs to get over and know their true value outside of them. Yona escorts us on a changing path, as each lyric boosts one’s self-esteem and makes it easier to walk away from people who can’t make the bare minimum, which is to make time for us.

Lyrically, Yona strives for a brighter future, while musically, she opts for a more nostalgic approach, drawing influences from the 90s, creating a hip-hop/RnB fusion, and delivering it with a soulful delivery. Catchy drumlines drive the song, and elated synth notes add more sparks to the dynamism. However, clearly, what standout is Yona’s alluring angelic voice and the message she’s delivering.

Yona’s dedication resulted in a song with excellent musicality and content that hooks the listener. It surely deserves to take a spin, because you need to be reminded that “People Make Time (For What They Want).”



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