Player 1 (Radio Edit) by The Magic Epic


With a name like The Magic Epic, I went in expecting exactly what I found, which is something dreamy, vaporous, grand, and chillingly sweet. 

The Magic Epic is the moniker of Toby Juan, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and composer whose sound is quite fresh. Using formulas that have been with us for decades, but with a few neat spins, and with a heartfelt approach, he manages to create something that’s new and exciting, and while it doesn’t sit on the cutting edge of technology, it still manages to be effortlessly stirring and soulful. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the sound of the Brighton-based Toby Juan is his heart, which he pours out on each line he delivers, sounding quite provocative and moving in the process. The soundscapes, courtesy of Andy Brook on production duty, are expansive and vividly colorful, leaning heavily on disco beats of the early 00s and a synth/euro pop sound that’s been a massive hit in the 90s, and this fusion of timelines creates something that somehow sounds fresh and brand new. 

On Player 1, Toby manages to channel his spirituality through his inspired vocal delivery and his rich lyrical lines, adding massive value to his colorful pop sound. The singing about fighting for what one believes is the right thing, and eventually saving the world is very inspiring and invigorating, and is a beautiful fit for the musical soundscapes. 

Player 1 is warm, loving, and oozing with charisma. Toby Juan’s a ferocious singer who pours his whole heart out for the listeners, and coupled with the song’s airy soundscapes makes for a wholesome listening experience whose effects are hard to forget. 


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