Portals by Kaysien


If you want to feel nostalgic these days with some Indie pop/funk, you gotta hear “Kaysien” with their soulful music from London that was released recently on the 24th of June, 2022 a piece of music “Portals,” this piece is what connects the other pieces together that was built up by “Kaysien” in the past 2 years that shows a great journey as he keeps leveling with immense creativity.

The music for “Portals” starts with awesome beating music that is a 70’s nostalgic and fun to keep the mood at a colorful and fun pace and comes Kaysien’s soulful voice in this music that resides a story of human beings. “For this track, I wanted to generate a feeling of defiant energy, playful belligerence, and a sense of respect for life” Kaysiens explained.

The talented artist shows great ecstasy with the energy that beams out of the music and the lyrics, he created all this on his own being a one-man show in this industry, while he also produces and plays all instruments by himself.

You can just imagine the scene in this song in front of you with some 70’s aesthetic style going on while listening to it, it’ll keep you engaged the whole 3:24 minutes being in a different dimension. It can be listened to anytime to keep things off of your mind for those minutes with positive energy that emits from it and find yourself tapping your feet with the beats.


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