Shaken by Cynthia Hamar


Vulnerability in music may have become a little cliché nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by a personal event to create some art, in fact, that’s quite encouraged. The problem can arise when you straddle the line between expressing that bit of sadness in a grown-up and professional manner, and just whining and pining all over the recording. Cynthia Hamar beautifully tames that line on here.

Cynthia Hamar of Edmonton, Canada is no stranger to creating heartfelt and professional pieces of pop, she has 3 studio albums under her belt and extensive time on the road and has garnered multiple comparisons with the likes of Feist and Tom Waits. On her newest single ‘Shaken’ it’s not hard to see where the praise comes from.

Cynthia leads the arrangement with an exceptionally warm delivery and a capable performance. Singing from a place of personal exhaustion and tragedy that shows in her inflictions tastefully. Behind her is an arrangement that’s rich and complete, with a simplistic bassline and a minimal beat. A laying-low jazz bar piano takes care of the harmony, while gorgeous guitars swoon and serenade all over the atmosphere.

In this stunning piece of folk-pop we see a group of musicians in command of their crafts come in accordance with the leadership of a capable songstress. A beautiful harmony that sees all elements helping each other shine. A part of Cynthia’s upcoming album, ‘Joint & Marrow’, that I’ll be anticipating impatiently.


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