Principis by Coloma Bertran


After moving from Barcelona to France, Coloma Bertran, an accomplished classical violinist, and composer fell in love with Jazz, different fusions, and cultures, and that’s how “Principis” was born. Born and raised in Barcelona, Coloma pursued music and trained classical and contemporary violin at the ESMUC (Escuela superior de Música de Cataluña). Later she decided to expand her studies and traveled to Dammarie Les Lys in France where she fell in love with Jazz and improvisations. She created her first composition under the prestigious French Violinist Didier Lockwood, she even had some of her works and compositions published in the “collection of scores of the Rural Course”. She shared the stage with reputable musicians and artists like Xazzar, Elena Gadel and other, as she is also a member of several music groups and orchestras. 

“Principis” is her second album released, where she produced it, composed it, and played the violin, Quim Abramo Soldevila on electric guitar, Franco Molinari on double bass and Joan Carles Aguerri on Drums. It was recorded by Jaume Figueres at Estudis Ground, mixed by Panxii Badii and mastered by Víctor García at Ultramarinos Mastering and management by Julia Pérez Luque & Coloma Bertran. The Quartet of professional musicians put together a remarkable collection of ten songs that are rich in culture, musicality, skills, technique, and richness. It takes you on a musical journey throughout the different eras of music. A hint of the classical era in its cheerful and calculated timings moving to the romantic era with its fluidity and rich chords. Not living the different fusions and cultures between Latin music and its different styles, the European dances and their origins while keeping the elements of jazz music and some blues mood. “Bendadanti”, the fourth track in the album gave a feel of the Latin salsa beat, as if you could dance to it in the streets of Brazil, while “Principis” you can picture the American folk dance, “Martina” was more blues mood, subtle, calm, and simply complex. “Poeta de l’asfalt”, I could hear interpolated within the song the famous motif from “Llorando Se Fue” as a shadow coming in and out. “My favorite things” is the only adaptation of the original song from The Sound of Music.

It’s a fun, cheerful and chill album that is very rich in music, culture, and information. Coloma is evidently a very skilled violinist, and her technique shows throughout the album. Everything is carefully thought of from the art, photography and design which were by Cris Romagosa, to makeup and hairstyling by Mechi Velasques.


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