Ready to Go by Phillip Good


The Success milestones for artists in the time of social media platforms are measured differently, it takes a long time and effort to build a strong fan base but let’s just say Phillip Good is an exception to that. The artist only started singing and releasing his music last year and he’s already on the right track and knows what he’s doing; with over 44K followers on Instagram and more than half a million followers on TikTok and five million likes. He even has Merch with his name being sold on his website and selling out like crazy. 

Phillip’s recent song “ready to go” has over a thousand dancing and lip-synching videos on TikTok and with streams over 25K. you’d think such a hit song would take months to write but ironically, he wrote it on a plane, TUPAC gave him the inspiration on this song, and he wanted to convert it to country/pop song. One of his biggest supporters and one of the reasons behind his success (besides his music) is his daughter! She joins him in a lot of his videos, and they even sing duets together. She has an angelic voice, and his fans are in awe of her. Good’s influence comes from Justin Timberlake and Morgan Wallen. He recorded this single in Top flight Studios in Tampa. The song is fun and catchy, hard not to dance to. It has some rap style to it with some pop chilled chords and simple beat and loop choices. The song is about someone you’re recently dating and interested in and think they’re the one which what caught a lot of his fans’ attention in wishing someone can sing this song to them. Talk about raising the bar so high! Men out there, good luck beating that.