Sub Rosa by Wish Queen and Muzzy Fossa

Alexa Scoby

80s disco might be the only thing ever that’s never going to get out of style when done properly.

Muzzy Fossa is Nathaniel Hunt of Cleveland, OH. As the composer and producer of this song, he collaborated with Wish Queen, which is the new musical project of Grace Sullivan, also based in Cleveland, OH. Their goal, quite simply, was to make a danceable, groovy, disco tune that’s inspired by the colorful vibes of 80s disco. So, how does it go?

Sub Rosa is dominated by a solid groove courtesy of a poppy breakbeat and a steady bass line, both of which are tastefully mixed, being noticeably quiet and thus, less intrusive. The synths are generally airy and dreamy, very colorful. Wish queen sings on top of that of going dancing under the flashing lights and possibly creating a few secrets with that dancing partner sometime during that night. The melodies are simple and tend, at a few moments, to get a tad repetitive. The performance is very elegant, though, and the harmonies underneath can be the saving grace during those moments.

A genuinely fun song that’s easy, seductive, and inoffensive. It catches the vibes of 80s disco efficiently enough, and in my opinion, it adds a modern twist on top of it for good measure.


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